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The World: Let's go to Berlin. Berlin: Let's move to Brandenburg.

The World: Let's go to Berlin. Berlin: Let's move to Brandenburg.

In a federal state where the potatoes are as big as the hearts of its inhabitants and the lakes are as numerous as the stories that unfold on their shores, there is a phenomenon that will amaze even the biggest skeptic: the federal state itself!

The state, whose charm and serenity have long made it a favorite destination for tourists and nature lovers, has much more to offer than idyllic landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere. It is the land of opportunity, innovation and upswing - not without reason Brandenburg has been the German champion in terms of inward migration for nearly 10 years.

People from Berlin are drawn to Brandenburg

Nowhere does internal migration end more frequently than in Brandenburg. Brandenburg has consistently been the state with the highest rate of migration since 2014. In 2021, around 2.6 million inhabitants were counted – with an increase of around 35,000 people, this is the strongest population growth since the reunification in 1990. In 2022, over 30,000 people from the capital moved to Brandenburg – young families in particular are drawn to the state with the most lakes and rivers.

Life, work, balance

Brandenburg has over 3000 lakes. A third of the state's area is under nature conservation. This includes 15 large areas alone – one national park, three biosphere reserves and eleven nature parks. And it feels like almost every route to work leads through or along beautiful meadows, forests and lakes. In Brandenburg we say: You can go on vacation on the way to work. Safari sometimes included. Because if you're lucky, you might come across Bert, probably the only moose living permanently in Germany. The giant deer roams the forests in particular as a true natural wonder.

New Work in Brandenburg

Whether it's Rally Royce in Dahlewitz or TESLA in Grünheide – new relocations or innovative expansions characterize the economic news from Brandenburg. The research landscapes is also growing as a result of structural change. In addition, the digital infrastructure is flourishing, co-working spaces are springing up like mushrooms and entire future locations are being created. And for those who can, the best home office conditions are available almost everywhere in Germany's most water-rich federal state.